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Beware of Scamdicappers - Dishonest Sports Handicappers

In this article about sports handicappers we will try and explain what Scamdicappers are for those of you who don't know. A Scamdicapper is a term that is used to refer to a sports handicapping service that is not in the sports wagering business to help their clients, but to profit off of, and scam people out of their money.

Some common practices of some sports handicappers or Scamdicappers are that they will claim outlandish winning percentages, go under multiple names, give out both sides of a game, or even call and harass you until your purchase their picks. As a lot of you may or may not know this industry is mostly made up of con men and thieves.

As of the time this article is being written there are over 2800 sports handicapper services in the U.S.A. today with only a small percentage of those sports handicappers being hard working, sophisticated, honest services who are not out to make a quick buck off you. It seems like everyday now there is some new sports handicapper service that pops up on the Internet, TV, or radio with 99% of them being run by Scamdicappers.

There are many different ways that Scamdicappers operate. There is a long list of deceitful ways these guys try to, and succeed at ripping you off. Here we will look at a couple of the more recognized ways they go about their business.

Let us start with sports handicappers that take out ads in the newspapers, TV, and the local sports talk radio station. These are the guys in my opinion who give this industry a black eye. I would love to give you a few examples of names but I really don't feel like getting sued by one of these con men.

Example one

  • If you don't know who I am talking about, they are the clowns who maybe offer you a free pick on their 800 line. These are the guys that claim to have an inside information network of trainers, coaches, scouts, and even players. In reality it is an operation of about 6-12 salesman in a boiler room setting who have no more of a clue about who is going to win tonight than your Aunt Ruth does.
  • You, unaware of the consequences, call the toll free 800 number looking for your free sports pick and a way to make yourself some extra cash this weekend. Some guy who knows nothing about sports handicapping and a lot about high pressure selling informs you that today is your lucky day.
  • He says, "TODAY IS THE DAY THAT WE HAVE OUR 50 STAR LOCK OF THE YEAR, WITH THIS PICK YOU CAN WIN BACK ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE LOST UP UNTIL THIS POINT". Now lets be honest most of the people that call the 800 numbers looking for free picks must have had some sort of losing stretch. They are looking to recoup their loses. I know that and so does the salesman, because if you were doing fine on your own you wouldn't be calling this guy for picks in the first place.
  • Most likely the salesman you're talking to will be shouting and be very pushy. At this point he will ask you for all your credit card information and after a tiresome pitch you bite. You say to yourself, it is their lock of the year and I really would like to get out of this hole I dug myself into.
  • More often than not the game loses. Now, not only have you lost whatever you bet on the game but you also blew a couple hundred bucks on this worthless pick.
  • One of two things happen next, you call back and blow another couple hundred bucks trying to get even again or you decide that you are all together done with these guys. Well news for the people that decided on not talking to these guys ever again, they now have your phone number and will trade or sell your number to every other Scamdicapper in the book.
  • You will be harassed night and day until you move or change your phone number. Bear in mind that a lot of these sports handicapper services are owned by the same person and they will just give you a different name when they call. You will say you are not interested in signing up with a handicapping service at this time because the last one you used put you in a major bind. They than ask who did you use? You reply so and so sports handicappers.
  • The salesman on the other end goes oh, so and so sports handicappers, those guys are horrible, I don't know how many times I have bailed out clients from so and so sports. Now you're thinking maybe that this is my lucky day again; now I can get out of this hole so and so sports put me into when in all reality it is the same company using a different salesman and company name with the same poor results. Like I said the process will go on and on with different company names and different salesman until your phone number is eventually disconnected.

Example 2

  • Then there are the sports handicappers that gives out both sides of the game. For example let's say that 49ers and Rams are playing and the Bears and Lions are playing this week. They will give the first caller the 49ers and Bears. The next caller will get Rams and Packers. The caller after that will get the 49ers and Lions and finally the fourth caller will receive the Rams and Bears.
  • After the games are over someone will be 2-0, someone will be 1-1, and someone will be 0-2. The set of callers that went 2-0 will be delighted about going 2-0. The callers that went 1-1 will be unmoved and will just get another call next week using the same system. For the guy that got the short end of the stick and went 0-2 the Scamdicapper will stop calling him and trade or sell his information to other Scamdicappers.
  • Next week the process continues and someone people will go 4-0 and many others will go 3-1. Now is the time where the false claims come in about them consistently winning 70-90% of their games. They will offer you some insanely priced package and you bite because you have either gone 4-0 or 3-1 with them and that fits right into their false winning percentage that they claim to hit at.
  • Time goes on and the games start losing and you begin to press up on your bets thinking that if they have gone 2-6 so far that they have to win this next game so they can get back on pace of their 70-90% winning percentage. The problem with that theory is they don't win 70% of their games! A more likely scenario is that they are picking winners around 50% of the time.
  • See the public seems to think that a 70% winning percentage is possible. With all the variables involved in sports and going by the law of averages a 70% winning percentage is asinine! The problem is that the public doesn't realize that and wants to only join the sports handicapper services that claim to win 70% of the time when in reality those are the services that will take their cusyomers to the cleaners.
  • They think why would I join a sports handicpper service that only wins 55-58% of the time when I could join one that wins 70% of the time? Greed are the biggest downfall for the average gambler, and believing that sports handicappers can achive a consistent 70% win rate is an act of greed.