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Risk Free Way to Win at Sports Betting with Tips for Winning

You're always right sports handicapping. Here's a risk free way to win all your sports bets. By using different odds quoted by different bookmakers it is possible to make a guaranteed profit at sports wagering, every time.

In the gambling world, there is no free way to beat the house. Unless the house makes a mistake or there is a loophole in the system they use. Recently a small group of people had been taking advantage of a risk free way to win at sports handicapping. The method they use is indeed a very sure way to make money wagering on sports.

There is absolutely no risk involved unless the bookies don't pay you. Following is a brief description of this ingenious method. If, after reading this, you are interested in learning more, come back and click here.

Basically the method of always making the right sports handicapping decision uses the different odds provided by different bookmakers to make a profit. For example:

On 16/02/2003, a soccer match in the Italy between AC Turin and FC Modena.

The odds from different bookmakers:

AC Turin 2.20 (Eurotip)

Draw 3.35 (Scandicbookmakers)

FC Modena 5.00 (Goldbet)

As a clever investor you don't need any sports handicapping and you can make a profit of $49 per $1000 bets, regardless of the outcome of the match.

Let's take the above as an example: By splitting your total stake as follows:

AC Turin Win $476.81 x 2.20 = $1048.98

Draw $313.13 x 3.35 =$1048.98

FC Modena Win $209.8 x 5 = $1049.00

A 4.9% profit means that if you invest $1000 dollar you get back a profit of $49. A few clicks at a few bookmakers websites placing the bets and you get back $49. That is what I call easy money. Not a bad return for a few minutes work, and no sports handicapping skills required.

Another good example a Soccer match between Sunderland and Watford in the FA cup on15/2/2003

The Odds set by the 2 bookmakers Kwette and Scandicbookmaker

Sunderland Wins : 2.00 (Kwette)

Draw 3.7 (Scandicbookmakers)

Watford Wins 5.4 (Scandicbookmakers)

You could make a 4.7% profit out of this. Just place the bets with the example below:

Sunderland $523.5 x 2 = $1047

Draw $282.97 x 3.7 = $1046.98

Watford $193.88 x 5.4 = $1046.98

Isn't this a good way to make sure money? Sometimes there are profit opportunities of more than 15%. Totally risk free! Just click here and visit the information website for more details