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Race Systems - Systems for Horse Racing with Tips for Winning

The Trainer-Track Horse Racing System

This is a fairly well publicized horse racing system that can be used simply and effectively for all types of Horse Racing Seasons.

To use the system, you will need to buy your countries specialist-racing publication, which contains the most facts, In the UK it's the "Racing Post". If you are planning to bet in the UK, remember that all the information you need is already on-line at

  • For this horse racing system we shall be looking for the "Travelers Check" to see which Trainer is taking his horse the furthest distance to get to a race meeting.
  • The second condition is that the Trainer is taking only one animal to the meeting.
  • The third part to the horse racing system is with regards to staking. If the SP (starting Price) is 4/1 or less, back the horse to win. If the forecast SP ranges from 9/2 to 25/1 back it to win place or show. If the forecast is higher than 25/1 - do not bet.

The logic to the system is that if a Trainer is taking a single horse, long distance to a race, then surely, they think their animal is in with a shout. Obviously, a trainer can place a bet on their own animal and may assume that it has a great each way chance which is why this horse racing system changes to each way only after odds of 9/2. In terms of long distance, any trainer traveling between 200 and 250 miles should be considered. Upon following the method, you should also start tracking the trainers by writing down the names of the horses, the trainers, the jockeys, the meetings, the prize money and the distance traveled to ascertain a pattern. You should eventually see a pattern for some trainers whose animals lose a certain number of races followed by a surprising (except to you) win.

As with any horse racing system, we advise you start with a betting bank and stake a percentage of the bank on each bet. (a $100 bank with a 5% betting stake would result in a $5 initial bet. As your bank grows, so do your bets.

The "Preparation Run" System

Trainers or conditioners know their horses strengths and weaknesses. They will work to overcome these and at the same time, they can even get a bit of a boost for better odds as the public won't have insight into the finer details of the horses preparation. For this system you would note the horses forte'. Lets assume it's a pure sprinter.

Now the horse is obviously best at say 5 furlongs but has a habit of stopping in the last furlong. So now, the trainer runs him in a few 6 or 7 furlong events and the jockey makes him work near the front, eventually tailing off near the end of the field. Now, he is returned to his best distance, fitter, and with good lungs. Watch out, you may have a good return on your hands!

The same also applies to for example a miler with little finish. The trainer may enter him into a few sprints to sharpen up his speed a bit and when he is returned to his favored distance, again, watch out, this horse is not going to easily be run out of his hard fought position!

Worlds Greatest Horse Racing Method?

Recently we came across a Professional Horse Racing Team of enthusiasts who have developed a new breed of Professional Horse Racing Methods to apply at "Betting Exchange" websites. The plan is so advanced that you actually make money every time a horse LOSES.

This new method is called "The Reverse Horse Profit Plan" If you have a spare five minutes I think that you will be most impressed with this latest development. Click for more horse racing system details.