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How to play baccarat and win with Tips for Winning

Here is what you need to now if you want to play Baccarat and win. It's probably the most uncomplicated of all casino table games. It is also one of the friendliest games. Because players have no influence over the outcome, other players won't get annoyed if they think you made a mistake. In Blackjack, Craps or Poker it is possible to reduce your odds with poor play. Not so in Baccarat, your chance of making the right guess is just as good as that of the next player, no skill required.

The cards are dealt according to a set of rules that cannot be affected by anything the players do or don't do. If you stand near a table, watching, it may seem like a mysterious and difficult game, but it isn't. In fact, Baccarat is easy to learn and playing to play Baccarat doesn't require any special skills.

Baccarat is a card game where you do not play against the house, like in Blackjack. Two 2-card hands are dealt to the center of the table, one is the "Player" hand, the other is the "Banker" hand. The cards each hand receives are added up and the one coming closest to a total of 9 wins. When you play Baccarat, all you do is decide on which of the two hands you want to put your money.

For details on the rules and more about how to play Baccarat, click here.

As a player you may bet on either "Player" or "Banker". It's like flipping a coin and betting heads or tails. Or like betting red or black in Roulette, but without the zeros. The big advantage you have when you play Baccarat is that there are no zeros, like in Roulette. It is the zeros that give the house an automatic advantage in Roulette.

In Baccarat, if half the players were to bet Banker and the other half bet Player, they would simply be winning or losing each other's money and the casino would get zilch. So how does the casino make money when you play Baccarat? By charging a 5% commission on all winning "Banker" bets.

Based on the rules related to the drawing of cards, "Banker" wins roughly 1.5% more hands than "Player". That means, excluding ties, over the long run "Banker" wins approximately 51.5% of the time and "Player" wins 48.5 of the time. That's why the casino collects it's 5% from winning "Banker" bets.

Even after paying the 5% commission, when you play Baccarat you're up against a low house edge - 1.06% for bets on "Banker" and 1.24% if you bet on "Player". Compare that to a 5.27% house edge on the standard American Roulette Wheel.

Even though the odds are relatively small, they still have to be overcome. Can it be done? Is is possible to play Baccarat and win? YES! But the first thing we need to get clear is that Baccarat systems don't work in the long run. The fact is, at some point every system fails.

Having said that, the only way to turn the odds in your favor is with a proper play Baccarat strategy. You need a playing method that can help maximize wins and minimize losses.

You don't need a system, but you do need a strategy that accounts for all variables.

Winning baccarat - A Betting Strategy

In even-money betting you can't hope to get ahead if you wager the same amount each time and collect after every win. In order to win more you have to risk more. But as a smart gambler you bet bigger using your winnings, not the money you brought to the table.

In baccarat it is not uncommon to win 3 or 4 consecutive decisions. This is what would happen if you aim to exploit such streaks by letting your winnings multiply.

  1. Round: Bet 1 unit. If you win leave your bet and your win on the table.
  2. Round: Bet 2 units. If you win there are 4 units on the table.
  3. Round: Bet 4 units. Win again and you collect 8 units, a net win of 7 units for a one-unit wager.
  4. Round: Start over. Bet 1 unit.