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Gambling E-books with Tips for Winning

Order any of these gambling e-books with complete confidence. E-books of great winning tips for slots, video poker, blackjack and more, irrespective of whether you are playing at a land based casino or at an online casino. If you are not happy with your purchase, your money will be refunded promptly and without hassle.

General Gambling

  • Double or Nothing - 24 gambling gurus and professional gamblers reveal how they would double their money if they only had one hundred bucks! Learn how to win at your favorite casino game -- slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, baccarat and craps -- with only a $100 bankroll! Also included is a bonus report on how to avoid getting ripped off by online casinos. Full 90-day money-back guarantee, Click for more details about Double or Nothing
  • Best Gambling Strategy To Win In Casinos - Lets Get Your Money Back" is not a so-called "slot machine cheat". It is an actual gambling strategy. And best of all, it is 100% legal. This gambling method, based on hidden methods used by the casinos, has been developped by a casino staff member. . Click for more about - Beat The Slots - Best Gambling Strategy To Win In Casinos
  • Playing to Win - This book by David Lessnau has 16 systems to beat the casino. 6 of these are Craps systems, since craps systems have been the author's main focus for the past 10 years. There are three Roulette systems, one of which can also be used for Baccarat. And there are systems for Video Poker, Slots, Thre Card Poker and other poker games. Examine for 60 days, if not satisfactory, your money will be refunded. Click for more information about Playing to Win by David Lessnau

Blackjack - Roulette

  • The SURE Roulette Method - What if you could sit down at a roulette table and know for SURE that you're going to walk away a winner, every time? If you don't believe it can be done, try the strategy once, ten times, 100 times. Then, if you're not convinced, it won't cost you a cent. Click for complete details about The SURE Roulette Method.
  • Blackjack - The Complete Strategy - Anyone who knows anything about the game of Blackjack knows that few people actually win on any consistent basis This boo teaches how to master three distinct categories of techniques for winning money at the Blackjack table: Basic Strategy, Card Counting, and Money Management. This e-boo comes with a one-year money-back guarantee and four free bonuses. Click for more information about Blackjack - The Complete Strategy
  • Roulette Winning Strategies - Now available - the full step-by-step Report, packed with 'how to' illustrations, detailing exactly how my winning Roulette Secret works... so you can finally tap into the mountains of ready cash waiting for you at the Roulette Tables! Click for more information about Roulette Winning Strategies

Slots - Video Poker

  • How to Really, Really Win at Slots - Perhaps the only e-book on slots for intelligent, thinking players. No worthless gimmicks or so-called secrets, just a sensible approach to playing the slot machines in any casino. How to recycle the same bankroll over and over by "playing for playing money'. Full, no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. Click for more information about How to Really, Really Win at Slots
  • Best Shot Video Poker - The e-Book - You can actually be at the machine playing expert video poker in an hour or so, with the special condensed strategy that you will get in this book. . . No matter what hand the machine deals, you will have an understanding of the simplest quick reference ever devised for Jacks or Better strategy that will enable you to make the perfect draw every time! . . . It won't be long until you can make every expert play entirely from memory. Click Here For More About Best Shot Video Poker!

Horse Racing

  • Easy Money from Losers - For too many years bookmakers have profited from the literally hundreds of losing bets placed each day. But now things have changed drastically. Anyone to act as the bookmaker and cash in from the uncertainties of betting on the horses. E-book also includes free software and comes with a 30-day money-back gurantee. Click for more information about Easy Money from Losers

Lotto and Lotteries

  • The Lottery Harvester - Discover how lot's of 3, 4 and 5 number prizes and maybe the big one! You don't need to win the jackpot to make a lot of money playing the Lottery. If you're looking for a system that works, you've found it! With the purchase of Lotto Harvester you get 3 free bonus reports. Click for more information about The Lottery Harvester
  • The Honest Lottery System - If you have been looking for an honest lottery system that really works, with a proven history of winners, your search might be over. The Honest Lottery System works with all lotto and lotteries all over the world. It is different to any other system available anywhere. Ken Silver, the author of The Honest Lottery System gives you a money back guarantee good for a full year. Click for more information about The Honest Lottery System
  • LuckySam Picks Winning Lotto Numbers - Increase your lotto odds with a simple method, known as Wheeling. You could spend hours working out the math, or spend 30 seconds with LuckySam and get the most efficient tickets using your favorite lotto numbers. Click here to find out how LuckySam Picks Winning Lotto Number