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Tips for Winning brings you Craps Shooting Tips

by Dave Lessnau

To me how to win at craps is the most interesting topic when it comes to casino games. You will see a cross-section of every type of player who comes to town. I am the last of the big spenders. Each time I go to play, I set a daily limit as to how much I am going to allow myself to lose - usually $100 or $200 a day.

Now you are probably thinking, "If this guy knows how to win at craps, why is he talking about a limit to lose?". Well, let me tell you, the dice are fickle. That's one thing I depend on. I know that at certain times, I will have a great run where I only win at craps, a string of winning results in my favour. BUT, I also know that these results won't come every hour on the hour, and not even every day. While I'm waiting to win at craps, I am not going to pour my money down a rat hole so deep that I can never dig out.

That's why the casinos win all that money. When people start out losing, they don't have enough sense to quit for a while. They KNOW their luck is going to change. They keep betting and losing until they are in so deep over their financial heads that there is NO WAY for them to even get back to even, much less win.

The other reason casinos win all that money, is players will not quit when they win at craps and are ahead!!! People keep betting when the dice are "Bad". People keep betting when the dice are "Hot". If you are going to be a winner, you have to know when to quit.

Years and years ago, I set the rule for myself, "Never bet unless you can afford to lose". I figure that, realistically, I can afford to lose no more than $100 (sometimes $200) a day. If I don't win at craps and I do lose my limit, I have enough sense to wait until tomorrow. I, and you too, have seen people gamble until they lose everything they have. Why be so stupid? If the dice are running bad - and BELIEVE ME, they will run bad at times, if I just play to my daily limit, I don't have to win so much back when the dice start rolling my way.

I'm not telling you to limit your win at craps stake to $100 or $200 per day. Your finances might be a lot better, and your tolerance for loss, a lot higher than mine. If so, feel safe to set your limit at any amount you're comfortable with.

One time I was in Vegas, I had an old fellow next to me who "bought in" for $5,000 in chips. Man! Did he make me look like a piker. But, a few minutes later, when he bought $2,000 more chips, then a little later bought another $1,000, there was no doubt in my mind that I was having a lot more fun than that "high roller".

Never let the house get so far ahead of you that there is no reasonable way for you to get back to being at least even with them. Let craps shooting be a fun game for you, but stay in control while you try to win at craps!

Good Luck at the craps table.

Dave Lessnau