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Tips for Winning Found the One Place on the Web Where You Can Make Money with Your Own CBmall

Like many of the best ideas... it's so simple, yet so effective.

  • Take the hottest information products on all of ClickBank. We're talking about the fastest-selling eBooks, the most popular software. The reports and manuals customers love and purchase the most. The best products from the best copywriters, gurus and aces on the net.
  • Put them into a well-organized, virtual shopping mall. Give it a unique, powerful Cut & Paste Search Engine that spiders 100% of the ClickBank Marketplace for every product and merchant.
  • Accept all the popular credit cards. Then pay top commissions (typically 40% and up to 75%) on those products.
  • Then, set up a fully personalized, autoresponder system that embeds your personal link on the CBmall and supported affiliate products that are promoted to your subscribers in every single issue for months and months.
  • Finally, automate the entire system so much that you don't even need a web site to make it earn money for you. Make it a "hands-off" income machine. Talk about selling power. It's like turning ClickBank into your own, personal treasure chest.

Who Gets Those 40% to 75% Commissions? You do. Let me explain exactly how you can grab those commissions and create an autopilot income stream all your own. And how unbelievably easy it is - just 3 simple steps.

  1. We both drive traffic to your CBmall. (I'll show you how)
  2. People buy any of the thousands of products.
  3. ClickBank sends you a commission check.

"CBmall was the early pioneer of ClickBank affiliate storefronts and, through new technical developments and marketing efforts, continues to offer great technology and value to its owners. Their search engine provides complete, accurate results of the entire ClickBank MarketPlace, and CBmall's security model works with ClickBank's to provide state of the art protection for ClickBank affiliates."

Dan Henderson
Vice President, ClickBank

Today you can get this complete ClickBank affiliate "business-in-a-box" that includes:

  • Your own virtual CBmall (Visit the mall here.) that generates an autopilot cash stream
  • Thousands of fast-selling products that earn you commissions (Plus search engine with thousands more)
  • Commissions are paid every two weeks - live sales stats
  • 127 page dynamic web site already built and always maintained for you on our dedicated server
  • Order processing built-in: You don't need a merchant account
  • Fulfillment built-in: Don't worry about downloads or shipping - it's handled for you
  • BONUS: Terry Dean's CBmall Marketing Tips: Expert tips to help you make money from one of the true Gurus

Pure, Simple, Money Making Automation

You make 100% of all commissions your mall generates. It's like you spent days joining thousands of affiliate programs and linked to all their web sites.

How Does It Work?

You get a custom encoded link to promote. Everyone using your link sees the same CBmall storefront. Your ClickBankID is attached to every link and every single product within the mall. What does all that mean? Whenever a visitor to your storefront buys aproduct, you get the commission.

Profit From Personal Marketing Assistance

If you're like most people, you are probably suffering from information overload. You've read tons of info on Internet marketing. You just need some help prioritizing what will work for CBmall. I want you to succeed, I am Jeff Mulligan, the founder and owner of Cbmall, and I will do my best to help you on your way. Contact me by email or phone me at 603-315-3456 (8 -7 pm, Eastern Standard Time.) After all, with any business opportunity you are betting on the ownership to help you succeed.

You also get these two Bonus Reports designed specifically to help you market your CBmall. These are exclusively focused on CBmall. They were written to help you succeed.

SUPER BONUS 1: The QuickStart Guide to CBmall Profits. This eBook is especially written to get you started quickly. Get free and low cost promotion tips and expert advice. Full of links to great resources and proven techniques. If you are new to Internet Marketing, or just want some good CBmall promotion ideas, this is for you.

QuickStart Guide to CBmall Profits

Terry Dean's CBmall Marketing Tips

SUPER BONUS 2: Terry Dean's CBmall Marketing Tips.I've saved the best for last. This is the most valuable of all the bonuses you get! Imagine. 22 Pages of laser-accurate marketing strategy focused on making you money with CBmall. This transcript of an exclusive 45 minute interview with one of the true marketing masters is filled with techniques and specific CBmall tips that will help you succeed.

Add up the value of these Bonuses. It's an incredible package of information and marketing power carefully developed to help you succeed with CBmall.

CBmall Affiliate Program


Personal Marketing Consultation


Bonus traffic for 60 days


Super Affiliate Strategies


Gary Shawkey's Secrets


How to Write Great Headlines


Armand Morin's PopUp Generator


Super Affiliate Marketing Exposed


Personalized Autoresponder Newsletter


QuickStart Guide to CBmall Profits


Terry Dean's CBmall Marketing Tips


Total CBmall Gold Value


Don't let that total scare you. You will be in business for less than 10% of that amount. CBmall Gold gives you the tools, traffic and personal marketing assistance to put your CBmall on the fast track to higher profits. Invest just $97.00 and you get a complete system including the CBmall, the cut and paste search engine, the affiliate program, the personalized CBmall newsletter system, free (highly targeted) traffic, resources carefully selected to help your marketing efforts (with resell rights), and best of all, personal email consultation to keep you on the fast track to profits.

Your CBmall Gold No-Risk, 90-day Money Back PLUS Guarantee

Read this carefully, you've never seen a guarantee like it!

If you aren't completely satisfied with your CBmall Gold, you can contact me for a full refund. And even if you do, you will keep your eBooks and your CBmall. That's right - you will still be able to earn money from your CBmall. I will simply remove you from the free traffic pool and priority email list.

I am making this incredible guarantee for three reasons.

  1. I am sure you won't want to use it. But I know you feel better if it is here. And don't worry. Because this sale is processed by ClickBank, you could get a refund from them even if you couldn't get one from me. Which of course I never would allow because it would hurt my reputation and possibly endanger my ClickBank account and relationship. I can't let that happen - this is how I feed my family :)
  2. I recognize that you are putting your own time and effortinto marketing and you should reap those rewards no matter what. So you will keep your CBmall and you can continue to promote it and earn money from it as long as you want.
  3. I realize that by investing in the Gold package, you are trusting me to help you succeed. And I won't let you down.

How can you possibly lose? Of course, the answer is that you cannot. But you have to take action now. This opportunity will not last long.

So I ask you this one question: Will you go to sleep tonight excited by the possibilities that lay in front of you? You've come this far - now make your move to success. Get the best...

Order CBmall Gold Today! Click Here to Order.

100% Money-back Guarantee

I am so sure you will benefit from CBmall that it is very easy for me to offer a 100%, no-risk, 90-day money-back guarantee. If you haven't made the money you want in 90 days, simply send me an email and I'll refund your money. You can keep the bonuses and eBooks you get from the affiliate site even if you do request a refund. I can't make it any easier or safer than that.

Questions? Email or call me (8-7 pm, Eastern Standard Time). Seriously, if you have questions, call me. I love to chat about marketing ideas.

By the way, when was the last time you saw someone put their phone number on their web site? That's what I mean by personal assistance.

Look at it this way. You could buy an eBook for the same amount and read about how others make money. Or acquire a CBmall and start making money yourself!

I guarantee you complete satisfaction with your CBmall investment. You just need to take the next step. There's no risk, and a great opportunity to create an income stream. It's your move.

Yours in success,

Jeff Mulligan