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Tips for Winning at Sports Wagering

The folly of amateur sports bettors is their inability to approach sports wagering for what it is, an investment vehicle. They have a short-term perspective on a long-term endeavor. The proper approach has nothing to do with gambling or chance and everything to do with hard work and discipline. Forget about day-to-day results and concentrate on the long haul.

If you are looking for 80% winners, you are a sucker. No one is hitting 80% winners or even 70% winners. Those types of figures and claims are misleading and dishonest. In sports wagering nowhere on this green earth is anyone picking at that rate. That is a guarantee.

Ask any professional gambler if he would take 55% winners and the answer would be an enthusiastic YES. Professional Gamblers understand and appreciate the profit potential of this number.

Do you know how many emails we receive stating that a 55% winning ratio in sports wagering is worthless? Well, for those folks we are going to do a quick case study. Assume you can pick 55% winners over the course of a 200-play season laying the standard 110 to win 100. You start with a $4,000 bankroll and bet 5% ($200) on each play. You bet an average of 200 games per season, four seasons per year (baseball, basketball, football and hockey) at 5% of bankroll per play.

By following this scenario, your bankroll would be worth more than two million dollars in less than 7 years? A quick disclaimer: that assumes you took no profit off the table along the way and could find a place to make 5% bets on a seven-figure bankroll. However, the point we are making is simple and the key to profiting in sports wagering.

We have no idea why so many fail to understand these concepts. Remember, Success is measured and accomplished by achieving 55% or better, managing your sports wagering bankroll intelligently, and maintaining a long-term perspective. Are you the type that measures success on a daily basis? Do you lack patience and/or discipline? If you answered yes to either of these questions, sports wagering is simply not for you.

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