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Brightshare is the Best Casino Affiliate Program

Webmasters: Let's Make Money Together, Today

There are certainly a lot of casinos in most countries but, for a fact, the majority of the population do NOT live next door to a casino. In most cases, these casinos are many miles, and many hours, away from the intrepid gamblers home. Some people simply cannot afford to fly and get to those much spoken of Las Vegas Casinos

Enter the Casino Online. This is a casino which is accessible as long as an internet connection is accessible. Add to this list of potential venues a few Bingo Halls Online, Poker Rooms Online, and Sportsbooks Online. Now you bring the world to the home of the gambler instead of their having to drive so far to enjoy their favorite pastime.

Legal? In some states, and some countries it is not legal to play online and in some cases, not legal to even advertise playing online. You definitely need to do the homework first.

Moral? If you embark on simply providing what existing gamblers want anyway, then surely there is no question about morals. Do not however paint a picture that is not true, and don't send unsuspecting players, especially new players, to a casino with the expectation of winning. The odds are always stacked in the casino's favor. The player must know the risk. If they do, then they will savour the reward all the more when it comes their way.

You like what you read, now you want more information?

Alright then, you believe you can handle this rather responsible and moral position satisfactorily. Let's go through what you need to do.

For a start, you need a website, like this one. What you don't want to do is simply paste the casino's banner ad's all over the place. In the industry that is called a banner farm. It adds NO value to anyones life. It won't make money. It's a waste of time. You need to write good and unique content. You need to tell those who don't know about the game rules, the odds, and prepare them to lose and as mentioned above, NOT to lead them into believing a win is natural and easy.

Having got to this point, you now need to send the interested player to a good casino. Define a good casino? Simply one that is there to take an equal risk with its patrons. Player loses, casino keeps their money. Player wins, casino pays them out. You can build up a great list of these casinos by joining the active player and webmaster forums. Here are a few to get you started:

GIA - Gambling Industry Association
GPWA - Gambling Portal Webmasters Association
CAP - Casino Affiliate Programs

So - Which are the Best Casino Affiliate Programs?

Brightshare 5 casinos, a sportsbook, 2 Tiers, Microgaming software, up to 42% commission
Casino Blasters 5 Casinos, related Poker Rooms, a bingo hall, Playtech software, 2 Tiers, up to 51% commission
Gambling Wages 5 Casinos, RealTime Gaming software, 2 Tiers, up to 55% commission
Referback 5 Casinos, 1 Bingo Hall, 1 Poker Room, Microgaming software, 4 Tiers, up to 60% commission